2012 Agiles will be carried out on October in Cordoba (Argentina). The venue will be the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (UTN) located in Maestro M. Lopez, Cruz Roja Argentina corner in Ciudad Universitaria. The place has an exclusive car park.


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Useful Information:

The extension and population of Cordoba require a complex system of approach roads and public transport. To this end, there are basically four means: buses, trolley buses and cabs. For their cost, the most popular services are buses and trolley buses, which connect most of the cooperative. Cabs are identified by their yellow bodywork and remises by green.

Formalities for Entering The Country
Valid passport vised or not, according to each country of origin. If you want to check the requirements to enter to Argentina, you can access the Ministry of Foreign Relations :

Get There
The city counts on an international airport, the Ing. Aeronautico Ambrosio Taravella International Airport (AKA Pajas Blancas) which is located 11.5 km from the city center and has a 19.000 m² terminal with capacity to serve 2.400.000 passengers per year.

Sanitary Restrictions
There’s no need to get any vaccinations before entering Cordoba. The public water mains is drinkable. Public hospitals (which are at the tourist’s disposal) attend emergencies 24/7 for free.

Time Zone
GMT -3

Cordobese people’s mealtimes are usually adjusted to their activities. Breakfast is usually between 7 and 10 and lunch around 13 hrs. It’s striking the fact that for custom, they have a late dinner time in relation to other countries (around 21 hrs.)

The Argentinean currency is the peso ($, ARS).

Type of exchange
The official exchange rate is floating against the American dollar. By February 2012, it’s around 4,40 ARS per dollar. The American dollar is the international currency with major diffusion and it can be exchanged in banks or foreign exchange offices, where a passport or ID must be presented. This currency is accepted in most commerces, but it’s advisable to make the exchange in banks or exchange offices.

In argentina the Value Added Tax (VAT) is 21%.

Tax Free
To recover the VAT from products indicated as Tax Free, you must save the invoice or purchase ticket and fill in a form you can get at the airport.

They’re open Monday to Friday from 9 to 20 hs. and Saturdays they are usually open from 9 to 13 hs., although the big avenues shops remain open all night. In shopping centers, the hours of opening are until 22 hrs, even on weekends and some holidays.

Open 8 to 13 hs. You can carry out money withdrawals and other transactions from ATMs, which work 24/7.

Telephone Calls
The country code for Argentina is 54, and the area code for Cordoba is 351. For example, to make a call to 555 5555 from a foreign location you have to dial: +54 351 555 5555. On the other hand, you have to add 9 and delete the 15 for mobile phones. For example to make a call to 15-111-5555 from a foreign location, you have to dial: +54 9 351 111-5555.

Useful Telephone Numbers
Urgencies: 101 – Medical Urgencies: 107


Who must pay a reciprocity fee (foreign tourist tax)?
Argentina charges a reciprocity fee to three countries that demand paying visa to the Argentinean. These are United States, Australia and Canada.

What kind of current is used in Argentina?
The current in Argentina is 220 watts, 50 cycles of alternating current. Outlet boxes have 2 rounded orifices and/or 2 or 3 plain orifices, as you can see in the pictures below.
It’s convenient to travel with an adapter plug. Pictures of Argentinean plugs and sockets (two pictures are worth two thousand words):

Enchufe argentino (macho)


Enchufe argentino (hembra)