The Agile organization: solitary crusade or emergent trend?

Track: Adopción y Transformación
Tipo: Charla
Nivel: Experto
Duración: 110 mins.


Many times when you look at your organization it seems to be a chasm between agile SW development teams and “the rest” –other areas you interact with–. Concepts coined by agilists like adaptation; collaboration or frequent feedback & learning are not easy to find. The proposal of this talk is to broaden the vision of SW development within the ecosystem of an organization and; rather than fighting against “false enemies”; be more emphatic with the different forces to balance and recognize value from all of them towards a more dynamic and open organization.

Información sobre el orador:

Miguel Insaurralde

I joined Motorola 7+ years ago. I worked as program manager during +4 years with in-company staff and subcontractors; shaping software project teams for development and maintenance purposes with stakeholders based in US. During 1.5 years (about 3 years ago) I worked as business development manager; pursuing many opportunities in Latin-America for carriers; PC and tracking devices makers. I presented a talk at this Agile Conference in Brazil ‘09; and also at Argentinian JAIIO #40 – computing & operations research days – in Córdoba ‘11. I am currently involved in a research project at UTN Cordoba (Argentina) national university for agile SW operation (LIDICALSO)