Modern Apprenticeship

Track: Mejora Continua y Gestión
Tipo: Charla
Nivel: Principiante
Duración: 50 mins.


Apprenticeships are a classic idea in contemporary crisis. All too often in today’s world; businesses and institutions hurry for short-term gain and tend toward valuing mass production over quality; or cheaper wages over compensating for consistently excellent work. They focus only on the bottom line; and in doing so eschew the training and hard work required to raise the line of production and; thus; long-term profits. Software is a craft which needs highly skilled professionals

Información acerca del orador:

Paul Pagel is co-founder and software craftsman at 8th Light. He has been working in the software industry for over 7 very unique years. Paul is among the first formally trained software craftsmen. He spent about 3 and a half years apprenticing under the tutelage of the renowned developers at Object Mentor. There are a distinguished number of successful software projects in Paul portfolio of works. Perhaps most notably is the Fidelity Life system: perhaps the largest Ruby system in existence. Paul has been a contributor and team leader on a variety of systems; from back end processed to web site and rich client GUIs; using a well versed repertoire of tools including Ruby; Java; C#; Rails; Limelight; and many more. Paul has been a driving force in the realm of Software Craftsmanship. He was the primary organizer of the Software Craftsmanship Summit in Dec 2008 and major contributor to the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. Not only is Paul a practicing craftsman but he is also an active mentor for software apprentices.