Lean UX: Integrating User Experience into an Agile Enterprise Software Development

Track: Adopción y Transformación
Tipo: Charla
Nivel: Practicante
Duración: 50 mins.


One of the key drivers for consumer software adoption is to deliver a great user experience (UX); but UX has not been widely embraced in enterprise-oriented software development environments. This trend is expected to change now that the age of “consumerization” of enterprise software is upon us. This talk will show how we are integrating UX practices into our agile software development cycle and the challenges we had to overcome since our software development teams are enterprise-oriented.

Información sobre los oradores:

Angela Daniella Garcia

I worked as a freelance UX designer since 2009 and as an enterprise UX specialist for a year. Working with agile teams have helped me improve my design process by focusing on the generation of leaner design deliverables; which help to prevent usability problems fails in later phases.

Beto Saavedra

Passionate about innovative technologies and their implementation towards improved productivity using lean principles; enhanced communication improved by value proposition canvas; and connected customer satisfaction by leveraging data analytics. Over ten years of working experience in various disciplines including Program Management; Online Marketing and Software Development in corporations; SMBs and startups across USA; Latin America; USA and Europe. Specialties agile project management; big picture program management; information retrieval; online advertising; social media; business model development; virtual relationship management; web development; lean product management; marketing analytics; customer development; scrumban.