How to Succeed in Agile without really trying

Track: Coaching, Cultura y Equipos
Tipo: Workshop
Nivel: Practicante
Duración: 110 mins.


How to Succeed in Agile Without Really Trying or Why Some (Most) Transformations Fail Even Before they Start. Now that Agile is in the mainstream; everyone wants to shift their paradigm so that they can be with the cool kids. However; change is hard and keeping changed is harder. Once your company has decided to shift to a more agile way of working; how can you ensure that the transformation does not fail and your organization does not fall back to the old prescriptive way of working? We will use discussion; simulations; retrospectives; and games to show you the steps to help you maneuver from the shoals to the mainstream.

Información acerca de los oradores:

Matt Gelbwaks

Matt Gelbwaks is a coach and a mentor; and at Alix Partners is the go-to guy for delivering solutions to complex problems. He has lead teams and organizations in the high-tech and low-tech worlds; but the focus is always on building capacity and creating a strong; internally guided sustainability. Matt specializes in organizations reach higher levels of business agility and operational efficiencies. His experience ranges from leading IT and Product Development strategies to transforming organizations so they better align with corporate missions and visions; optimizing throughput and business value on the way. Matt’s experience spans multiple verticals from banking and financial services to travel and leisure and from consumer products to the 3rd Sector. He has led transformations for organizations such as Axway; Borland; Capital One and part of the Dutch Ag Ministry. Recently he was part of an international outreach program; training the next generation of professionals at the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan. His approach is based upon an integration of Agile Methods and Social Complexity Theory and has never met a challenge that was too complex nor a transformation that was too large. Matt speaks and writes internationally and has trained teams and led transformations on 5 continents. He is eagerly looking for opportunities to expand this to the remaining two and is never without a relevant anecdote nor a less than relevant story involving his peacocks (don’t ask).

Federico Zuppa

Federico es un desarrollador; facilitador y coach agile. Federico trabaja con metodologias ágiles desde hace 6 años. Federico ha trabajado en las oficinas del Silicon Valley de Axway; en Globant para clientes como Electronic Arts; The Gap y Orbitz y en Electronic Data Systems para Sprint. Federico es Licenciado en Computación; Sun Certified Enterprise Architect y Certified Scrum Master.