This year, Agiles 2012 will be carried out during 3 whole days and it include different types of activities:

  • Keynotes: In charge of regional and international renowned experts.
  • Conferences, tutorials and experience reports: presented by colleagues and special guests from Latin America, United States and Europe.
  • Deep Dive Workshops: with a length of 2-8 hours that will allow you dive into the depth of subjects you’re interested in.
  • Open Space: where the agenda will be set by all of us, and you’ll have the chance to interact shoulder to shoulder with experts and colleagues from the community.

Program Overview

Hora Oct 24 Oct 25 Oct 26 – OpenSpace
8:00 Registration
9:00 Opening
9:30 KEYNOTE KEYNOTE OpenSpace MarketPlace
10:30 Coffe Break
11:00 Sessions / Workshops Sessions / Workshops OpenSpace Sessions
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Sessions / Workshops Sessions / Workshops OpenSpace Sessions
16:30 Lunch Break
17:00 Sessions / Workshops Sessions / Workshops OpenSpace Sessions

Audience Profiles

  • Beginner: Someone who is making incursions into the Agile methodologies or is interested in start using them.
  • Practitioner: Someone who uses the Agile methodologies, agrees on their values and have implemented them.
  • Expert: Someone who understands the Agile values and principles, and besides having implemented them, has lead teams and/or has qualified other ones on their practices.

Types of sessions

The selection of sessions will be addressed to different levels of experience in Agile methods, from beginners to consummate veterans.

  • Tutorials: This kind of session contemplates activities addressed specially to people who are starting or looking for support on Agile methodologies. Tutorials are classes led by instructor(s) with the objective of provide participants with practical knowledge that can be immediately used in Agile projects. Tutorials have clear learning objectives in specific skills or techniques.
  • Workshops: Highly interactive sections that allow participants to acquire knowledge in a practical manner. This kind of session is ideal for topics related to innovation, conflict resolution, leadership, etc.
  • Lectures: Sessions addressed to those who look for topics to improve their knowledge on Agile methodologies and the best practices used by the Agile community.
  • Experience Accounts: The idea of this session is to apply the methodology to a project and share the experience results. These accounts allow practitioners share their practical experience, which will serve as an example for other teams and maybe, as a source of inspiration.

Thematic Tracks

  • General Topics: This track will include sessions dedicated to those interested in understanding the Agile methodologies principles and practices. Here, tutorials, workshops and lectures will serve as a guide to start making your first steps on the Agile culture.
  • Coaching, Culture and Teams: Are you starting as an Agile coach? This track will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to focus on your team’s needs. Come and learn techniques, listen to the experience of trainers and coaches and find out how to support better the technical teams day to day. Besides, there will be debate sessions on cultural, teams and collaboration subjects.
  • Continuous Improvement and Management: Sessions addressed to professionals who work with Agile methodologies. Here, you’ll be able to debate about concepts and practices related to organizational changes and products, teams, processes or projects management.
  • Adoption and Transformation: This track could be your first stop on the way to better business results through agility. If you’re starting implementing the Agile methodology, you will find here valuable information about what you need to carry out a successful organizational adoption and transformation.
  • Engineering Tools and Practices: Dedicated to professionals who work with Agile methodologies or are interested in the software products technical quality. You’ll find tutorials, workshops and conferences which will deal with programming, continuous integration topics and the use of electronic tools to support Agile development. This track also explores the fundamental role of programming languages, practices and techniques in achieving the agility objectives.
  • Agile QA and Testing: This track is designed to help be testers and any person who is part of an Agile team be successful in high quality software delivery. One of the most important objectives will be introducing new techniques, in conjunction with innovating ideas to guarantee high quality results. These sessions will provide you with ideas and practical techniques to take to the workplace. If you’re a tester, developer, business analyst, trainer, manager, or you participate in anyway in high quality software delivery, you’ll find valuable practical information here.