Keynote Speakers

After four successful events in Argentina, Peru and Brazil, the Latin America most important Agile software development conference is will take place again in Argentina, with Cordoba as its avenue. It’s expected the participation of more than 500 Agiles from different countries, not only from Latin America, but also from the rest of the world.

Main Speakers

David Hussman leads DevJam, a Minneapolis based company composed of agile collaborators. As mentors and practitioners, DevJam focuses on using agile to help people and companies improve their software production skills. DevJam provides seasoned leaders that strive to pragmatically match technology, people, and processes to create better and cooler products. For further information, visit the DevJam website

Martin Salias He’s been on the software development for almost 30 years. He has worked in projects in many parts of the world for organizations such as UN, Microsoft Corp; governmental entities, telecommunication companies, financiers and other fields. He’s specially focused on the relationship between group dynamics, software architecture and programming languages. In 2008, he was part of the Agiles organizing committee. For further information, visit Martin Salias’ website